About us

What we do

AffeqtEDU is an education technology company launched by successful entrepreneurs, educators, and veterans in the IT field with many years of experience from Microsoft.


AffeqtEDU’s goal is to be the world’s leading enabler of data-driven education by capitalizing on the latest technological advancements in the IT industry and by using our unique and innovative method of collecting, storing, and categorizing education data. The education technology industry is a young and emerging one with immense growth potential. Although most of the development in this industry is focused around e-learning and e-content solutions, we have taken a different approach. Our solution fits into the niche market of the collection and storage of test data on a scale so extensive that it is unmatched by any other player. In addition, our solution employs our unique patent-pending method of storing and categorizing the data to enable efficient, accurate, and scalable analytics in real time. Our business model also makes it very attractive and cost effective to facilitate adoption and deployment of the solution.

Vision and Mission



A future where social happiness is attained through the delight of its members because every individual can realize his/her full potential in a career perfectly aligned with their skills and abilities. Where being the right person doing the right job at the right time is no longer the exception, it is the norm.



Provide every student with the data that allows him/her needs to know what their strengths and weakness are at any time and in every subject.


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