Introduction To AffeqtEDU


AffeqtEDU is a Big Data Analytics and Intelligence platform for K-12 education that collects, categorizes, stores, and analyzes academic and cognitive performance data from questions and answers of formative and summative internal assessments.

What is AffeqtEDU?

The AffeqtEDU system relies on the internal assessments that are done by every teacher in every school on a regular basis. Unlike external assessments, the AffeqtEDU system utilizes the assessments that are meaningful to teachers and students. Where the students are naturally incentivized to do well on these quizzes, tests and exams because the results of which factor into the student’s final grade.

Powerful analysis and reporting engine

The AffeqtEDU system provides all the stakeholders with a powerful and intuitive reporting system in both graphical and textual forms.

Single tool to drill through

With this one tool a regulator for example, can easily see a comprehensive view of all schools in the educational system across all curricula. The regulator can then use the same tool to drill all the way through to an individual child and see how that child has performed on a single question on a quiz. Then the regulator, if they wish can run a comparison between the answer this child provided and everyone who has ever answered that question in this school, other schools and even in previous years. All in the same tool.

Multidimensional views

The reporting and analysis engine also allows users to view multiple dimensions. Parents for example, can see how their child is doing right now academically in school, but they can easily see the child’s progression in a subject year-over-year. They can compare how the child is doing against his/her peers in the class or students of same grade same curriculum in other schools. They can also look at the learning habits of that child to see in which category of knowledge he/she excels; across all the subjects he/she is studying and has studied in previous years.

Key Benefits

Parents, teachers, schools and regulators would have real time access to detailed analytics of each student’s performance; the system would enable review of subject and topic-wise strengths and weaknesses, relative performance against prior results or against selected peers (by grade, school, curriculum etc.) or at a macro level compare school performance with peers, based on geography, curriculum grade level, subject level and other parameters.

Policymakers would have a real-time view on schools and teachers under their purview and can undertake an assessment of comparative standards and quality of education, locally and globally, providing inputs for policy decisions.

Parents would be able to readily identify their child’s strengths and weakness areas to formulate corrective measures and for informing decision making on further education and career paths. The real-time access will also allow parents to review their child’s performance trends and compare them to his/her peers in the same class/school or even other schools to assess teacher and school quality.

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